Phrases. A local coherence of different groups. Gestalts that coexist in a common space.

In other words: parts is the basis; “individual” parts, but here being where something else is created through juxtaposition which is more than the sum of those parts, and the fact that these gestalts are also "irreducibly plural" and overlap.

Its intentional openness.

That, as in the polaroids, which are meant to be read as successive experiences, its the motion of the subject, the sensation of the motion of the subject that is pointed at.

A statement it makes:

the subject is: in the/ (or) the motion (of I) from experience to experience. From find to find. A constant re-constitution.

It doesn’t separate itself. It presents itself as an area continuous with and open to.

It has been “written”; is being written; is a re-writing- it presents itself as a re-writing, and the experience of it is also a re-writing. It waits for the reader. It gives itself up for the reading. No meaning inheres in it- all meaning inheres in the viewer/reader’s process of reading.

You can’t have the same experience of it again. It insists on this.

The meaning arises with the experience of it- it waits, indeterminate,

for the viewer’s determinations; to respond to the viewer’s questions and deposits. It is pliable and playable.

Still, it definitely models my response to its materials.

By the sensation of the motion of the subject I mean the way what is background is live in relation to what is foreground; the way your whole place changes when a new experience rises out of it

and claims your attention;

the elastic & parallactic shift of the rest;

the motion of exchanges of foreground/background.